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Westwood Dental is the premier provider of root canal treatment and dental services in Omaha, NE, nearby to Bellevue, NE. We offer the best quality dental care for the optimal dental health of our patients. If you have a tooth that is in severe pain due to nerve damage, it may need a root canal. After meeting with the dentist, Dr. Colwell, you can find out whether or not a root canal treatment is the best option for your needs.

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Rather than extract a tooth that has become damaged, a root canal can be performed to save the tooth. Instead of the entire tooth being removed, the damaged roots and nerves are extracted during the root canal process. After the damaged pulp is removed, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and then sealed with a rubber like material. The dentist can answer any questions you may have about the root canal procedure.

Saving your tooth with a root canal

Root Canal

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At Westwood Dental, the comfort of our patients is our number one priority. We will provide you with a local anesthetic to numb the gums and surrounding tissue. The entire root canal procedure is a painless process and the pain which resulted from the inflamed nerves will be eliminated after the root canal procedure. We aim to make sure that your visit is as comfortable and relaxing as possible so you can have complete peace of mind and a positive dental experience.

Ensuring your complete comfort

Root Canal