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Westwood Dental is committed to the comfort and satisfaction of our dental patients in Omaha, NE and nearby to Bellevue, NE. If you are looking for an affordable way to enhance your smile and replace missing teeth, dentures may be the best solution. You can choose permanent or removable dentures depending on your needs,  preferences, and budget. At Westwood Dental, we can assist you with deciding whether or not dentures are the best tooth replacement option for you.

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Westwood Dentures offers partial as well as full dentures depending on how many teeth need to be replaced as well as their positioning. If you have only a few teeth that have been lost, then partial dentures may be the best option for your needs. However, if you have more teeth missing, full dentures can provide the smile enhancement and oral stability you need.


There are many advantages to choosing dentures including that they help you speak more clearly, chew more thoroughly, and smile with confidence. They are relatively easy to place and a fitting can be done in just one visit. Dentures are also one of the most economical tooth replacement options available. Give us a call today to see if dentures are right for you.

Partial or Full Dentures


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