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Westwood Dental is a leading dental clinic in Omaha, NE, nearby to Bellevue, NE. We offer a wide range of different dental services including dental crowns and dental bridge placements. Dental crowns and bridges are used to replace missing teeth and also serve as anchors for dentures and other dental prosthetics. If you are concerned about the appearance of your smile and think that dental crowns may be a solution, talk to us at Westwood Dental.

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Placing a tooth crown over an existing tooth can help to save a tooth that is decaying or otherwise damaged. Whether you have a tooth that is cracked, chipped, or decaying, dental crowns could prove to be the ideal restorative procedure. Turn to Westwood Dental for help with dental crowns and dental bridges to improve your smile’s structure and appearance.


We can provide you with a consultation to determine whether or not dental crowns may be the right option for you. We offer a free exam with your very first dental cleaning! Give us a call to learn more about our dental services and tooth crown placement services today. We look forward to providing you with the trusted dental services you deserve in Omaha, NE and the nearby areas.

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Contact Westwood Dental for more information about our dental services or to schedule a visit by calling us at (402) 334-8208. Ask us about receiving a FREE exam with your first dental cleaning when you give us a call today!

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